██████╗░██████╗░████████╗██████╗░░█████╗░ ██╔══██╗╚════██╗╚══██╔══╝██╔══██╗██╔══██╗ ██████╔╝░█████╔╝░░░██║░░░██████╔╝██║░░██║ ██╔══██╗░╚═══██╗░░░██║░░░██╔══██╗██║░░██║ ██║░░██║██████╔╝░░░██║░░░██║░░██║╚█████╔╝ ╚═╝░░╚═╝╚═════╝░░░░╚═╝░░░╚═╝░░╚═╝░╚════╝░ ░██████╗░░░██╗██╗███╗░░░███╗██████╗░░██████╗ ██╔════╝░░██╔╝██║████╗░████║╚════██╗██╔════╝ ██║░░██╗░██╔╝░██║██╔████╔██║░█████╔╝╚█████╗░ ██║░░╚██╗███████║██║╚██╔╝██║░╚═══██╗░╚═══██╗ ╚██████╔╝╚════██║██║░╚═╝░██║██████╔╝██████╔╝ ░╚═════╝░░░░░░╚═╝╚═╝░░░░░╚═╝╚═════╝░╚═════╝░

\\ by セィモネ //

This page is dedicated to one of my main passions which is music. I like to make electronic music using everything that is part of the open source world, mainly Linux or Android programs, same thing I do with video editing.

'THE COWBOYS OF CYBERSPACE' is my new and first Album 2021! From the sounds Electro Industrial Metal with Punk influences, inspired by our current computer culture fused with a technological imagery that comes from Cyberpunk literature.

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